Children of Afghanistan finally smile at the future

For what seems like centuries, Afghanistan was  ruled by the brutal and heartless Taliban who prevented women, children and men from their rights to living, selling the dreams of those in hope of seeking a future. Forming a dark cloud over each and every household, killing innocent people and making every Afghans life a living hell.

Since the fall of the Taliban many things have distorted within Afghanistan. People are now living their dreams; children no matter their gender are now able to attend schools, women caged like birds now free to fly proudly and seek for them a career allowing them to feed their children with no fear of being beaten to death for stepping out of their homes.

Afghanistan a war torn country dressed with the blood of its innocent citizens, still stands strong hunting for its future like a hungry lion ready to kill for its life.

~Sahar Ehsas~

Girls can now attend school

Girls thriving and enjoying their time at school

During the time of the Taliban girls were forbidden from attending school, but now after the fall of the Taliban they are making up to the lost years of education. some of the students are in their late teens and some in their early twenties trying to catch up on the education they’ve missed. A number of families still forbid their children from attending school since they do not have enough faith in believing if their children will be safe or not.

Girls using computers within their school

Angelina Jolie helped open a school for girls in Afghanistan

Angelina Jolie famous Hollywood actress visits Afghanistan

A new Primary school for girls in TANGI, Afghanistan was opened which was funded by Angelina Jolie. In hope of helping bring good education facilities to the children.





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