The mosque at Mazar e Sharif is unequaled in its ethereal beauty, enhanced by the white pigeons that live in its courtyards.
Efforts are currently being made to preserve Afghanistan’s many historical sites. Tragically, some of Afghanistan’s greatest cultural treasures, such as the Bamiyan giant Buddha statues, were destroyed by the Taliban. Other cultural heritage sites, such as the Heart mosque with its intricate ceramic tile designs, the hauntingly hidden Minaret of Jam, and the imposing Mazar-i-Sharif mosque have been preserved.

Buddha of Bamiyan

Etched into the dappled sandstone of the Bamiyan mountains are the faint remains of the once colossal Buddha statues that silently watched over the Bamiyan Valley for 1500 years. The ancient statues were destroyed by the Taliban in March 2001, complaining that the Buddhas represented polytheistic idols. After destroying the  tall monuments it caused an uproar, people of Afghanistan were very sad to see it getting destroyed but there was nothing they could do to save it since the Taliban were ruling. Recent efforts in the region hope to restore their magnitude and reintroduce their cultural significance.

Before the Buddah was bombed down by the Tliban


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