Nan in Afghanistan

You’d have to be slightly peckish to tackle one of these man-sized loaves of Afghan bread on sale at a bakery in Kabul. The bread is baked by shaping the dough and then sticking it to the wall of a tandoor, a cylindrical oven made of bricks. People usually tear the bread into shreds and  use the bread as though its a fork to scoop up their food during dinner.


Making the Afghan bread
Nan - i - Afghan

When in Kabul, none of your meals can be completed without eating Nan-i-Afghan, the traditional Afghan flat bread, and if you are planning to dine at an Afghan specialty restaurant then learning how to eat Nan-i-Afghan will do you good.



City in Kabul
Inside the shopping center
How lovely to see the Afghans have the facilities they once only dreamed to have

These are images of the city center,  a new shopping center based in Kabul. The shopping center was built after the fall of the Taliban, the people of Afghanistan are delighted to see a shopping center after many years. During  the time of the Taliban people in Afghanistan were banned from dressing in a fashionable manner and or listening to music or watching movies. But within this shopping center they now have the opportunity to buy the things they were once deprived of.

Kabul airport in 1969

This is an image of the Kabul airport in 1969 before the war, it was later used by the Red Army during the soviet from 1979 t0 1989.


A view of the Kabul airport

These are images of the airport in Kabul. when I visited Afghanistan back in 2009 there was still work being done to develop the airport and make it look more modern and in a better condition.

Kabul international airport in 2008