Trip to Afghanistan 2012

I have booked my tickets to visit Afghanistan in two month!! I CANNOT WAIT.  . I’ve decided to make use of my trip and create a documentary based on women in Afghanistan and the ways in which the media portray Afghan women. I have planned to interview a few people who work with women in Afghanistan. I will  also be interviewing a few families on their experiences and problems which they faced during the thirty years of none stop violence and war in the country.

In order to make this documentary successful I need my viewers to let me know what exactly it is that YOU would like to see in Afghanistan and what you want to know e.g. How has Afghanistan improved? are the people happy? or maybe you want to see an interview with an American soldier, an Afghan soldier or a British soldier. I will try my best to include everything in the documentary and fulfill each and every request . Once I have finished creating the documentary and editing it, I will post it up on this Blog. So please let me know what your views are and what you want to see included within the documentary.

It is very important for me to keep my viewers entertained and informed, so each request counts majorly.

Thank You!