Nazifa’s Story

Often we dream of owning the best branded cars, a beautiful house, designer clothes, and more money but in Afghanistan the young girls and boys dream of only one thing; EDUCATION. This is the story of one Afghan girl, talking about her dreams to be educated in order to live a better life. In this video Nazifa talks about the equipment her school lack and the distractions she faces at home while revising. It is clear that her voice is the voice of many young Afghan girls hungry for education. After the Americans entered Afghanistan we have seen many improvements with education for girls but there is still much to be done, money need to be used in places which will benefit the new generation of young people simply because they are the future of Afghanistan. For example more equipment need to be provided to schools and libraries need to be created.


AWC – Afghan Women Council

Afghanistan Women Council (AWC) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, non-sectarian Charity Organization founded in 1986 by the efforts of Ms. Fatana Ishaq Gailani and a group of Afghan women with an aim to assist Afghan women and children. The predominant objective of the organization is to enlighten women, improve their living conditions and strengthen their socio-economic status in society by their multi-lateral involvement in development activities. AWC is registered with the Government of Pakistan and Afghanistan as a charity NGO. It has run various activities (primary, secondary, high school and school of higher education, class 13, 14, mobile clinics, hospital for mother and child and psychosocial counseling for women, skills training, support to women without bread winner and at risk to send them to the US, awareness of human rights, women and children rights, peace building and democracy), for Afghan refugees in Peshawar, Pakistan since 1986. It has also run a hospital in Kabul since 1992. AWC is registered with the Ministry of Economy in Afghanistan. Also registered with Amnesty international USA, UK, Spain, Japan, Canada, and Pakistan, as a Human Rights Defender Organization.

During my trip to Afghanistan, I visited the AWC organisation and found that they are doing a lot in order to provide as much help as possible to the Afghan people. I have taken some photographs of the garments produced by members of the organistaion, If you are interested in purchasing Afghan garments from the AWC then please get in touch.

AWC help young Afghan women stand on their own feet, without the help of anyone else.

Even a small donation will do wonders.

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Khaled Hosseini – ‘And the Mountains Echoed

Khaled Hosseini - 'And the Mountains Echoed

This is Khaled Hosseini’s new novel. I am currently reading it and it is amazing. The book is based on the life of an Afghan family, the life of Afghan siblings and the life of a servant. Khaled Hosseini is the bestselling author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. ‘And the Mountains Echoed’ shows us how we love, how we take care of one another, and how the choices we make resonate through generations. If you are searching for a good novel, I would  recommend this book to you. Khaled Hosseini really knows how to engage his readers, his books are the only way to experience the true emotions, the reality and life as an Afghan.