Nilofer Rahmani, in conquest to change life for women in Afghanistan has stepped outside her home and has succeeded in becoming the first Afghan woman pilot for the Air Force.

It has not been easy for Nilofer to get to the stage she is in today. As expected, Nilofer Rahmani has faced many preconceptions and barriers in pursuing her career but she has marched over each and every prejudice and has fulfilled her dreams of becoming a pilot, which would not have been possible during the times of the Taliban.

In her interview with the BBC she states, “It was difficult because of the situation and the rules for the women here, but I want to change the culture and the old minds, and show that we (women) can do it.” The general, Mohammed Barat, of the Afghan Air Force has also commented and praised those women of less than one percent who have joined the Afghan security forces. He stated, “We are very proud of them,” he said, “Afghan women are showing what Afghan men can do for their country.”


Nilofer Rahmani


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