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The world’s eyes were blinded from the beauty and the priceless treasures of Afghanistan. The years of war, like a black and white nightmare, never seemed to come to an end. People lost hope, like a mother would for her disabled child. However, no matter how bad a nightmare it will eventually come to an end, no matter how bad a war there will be justice, no matter how disabled a child there is always a cure.

The capital of Bamiyan Province based in the central of Afghanistan, mostly known for the three gigantic Buddha statues engraved 4,000 feet apart, one of which was 175 feet (53 m) high. The Buddha’s were known for being the world’s biggest statues. In the year 2001, the Taliban claimed it was not right to have Buddha statues in an Islamic land, so they decided to bombard the three iconic statues. Although people of the world pleaded for them to put a stop to it, the Taliban went ahead with their plans and ruined the beautifully standing statues which were found to be the home of the world’s oldest oil paintings. It left the world weeping.

Today there are plans by the Afghan Government to spend $5.4 million on a Museum and Cultural center to be built in Bamiyan. The construction project is said to come from the South Korean Government.  The museum will be providing a modern space for showcasing archaeological and ethnographic pieces. This is great news for civilians, as it will play a huge role in educating the new generation of Afghanistan on their own history as well as attracting tourists and visitors to Afghanistan. Building a museum is one of the many developments taking place in Afghanistan.

For many years the thought of visiting a museum in Afghanistan was something no one would have imagined. The good news is that people around the world can now confidently add, ‘visiting the Museum and Cultural center of Bamiyan, Afghanistan’  to their bucket lists.


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