Rula Ghani
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Afghanistan, a country known for its poor treatment of women, sees their first lady as Ashraf Ghani is crowned the new president.

When Hamid Karzai was announced as the president of Afghanistan, the cameras were only on him. His wife, as the first lady was nowhere to be seen. Years went by, Karzai was elected once again as the leader but there was still no sight of the countries first lady.

This year, Ashraf Ghani was announced as the new president of Afghanistan, and he introduced the first lady to the world, he praised his wife in front of the cameras, as people all over the world watched. Ashraf Ghani said, “I want to take this opportunity to thank my partner and wife for her support to me and Afghanistan. She has always helped IDPs [internally displaced people], women and children and I am sure that she will continue to do so,”

“Women and youth will have a wide participation in my government.”

People took to social media networks and expressed their opinions on the speech that took the world’s attention. Ashraf Ghani gave his word to the women of Afghanistan, just as Karzai had, except this time it seemed more promising. Afghanistan could finally have a woman playing a leading part in the country’s social and political constitution.

The Afghan CEO of media empire Moby, “Dr Ghani thanks his wife Bibi Gul (Rula) for her support. For me one of the best part of his speech.”

Mujib Mashal, an Afghan journalist, tweeted: “Another big step in president @ashrafghani’s speech was taking the time to thank his wife Rula, by her adopted afghan name Bibi Gul.”

Harun Najafizada, the bureau chief for BBC’s Persian service in Afghanistan, said: “Rare moment! Love for wife: Ghani gets emotional when recalls his wife Bibi Gul’s support! Afghan men have to learn from it.”

Ashraf Ghani and wife Mrs Ghani, a Lebanese-American Christian, met at the American University, in Beirut during the 1970s as they both studied together.
Mr Karzai’s wife Zinat was labelled as ‘the invisible woman’, because she was never in the spot light or seen, whereas Mrs Ghani was introduced to the world on the first day of Ashraf Ghani’s power, this means she may take a more high profile role as she plans to work with women and young people.



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