UK and U.S troops finally leave Afghanistan after 13 years of camp at the Bastion base in Helmand.

Image taken from Khaama Press

Thousand of soldiers landed on the soil of Afghanistan in pursuit to defeat the Taliban. This year, 2014, the troops handed over control to the Afghan militants with confidence that they have accomplished their mission.

Both camp Bastion and Letherneck, in the southwestern province of Helmand were left for the Afghan foces. US marine brigade commander in charge of logistics said, “We gave them the maps to the place. We gave them the keys.”

During the ceremony, two Afghan soldiers lowered the Union Flag over the base in Helmand province for the last time, while the national anthem was played.

Ashraf Ghani, the new president of Afghanistan, and his government will now be dealing with the Taliban on their own as all foreign troops will be withdrawing by the end of the year.

David Cameron tweeted: ‘ I made a commitment that I would get our armed forces out of Afghanistan by 2015 and today sees the end of combat operation in the country.’

‘We will always remember the courage of those who served in Afghanistan on our behalf and never forget those who made the ultimate sacrifice.’

The decision to go to Afghanistan has Killed 2,210 US and 453 British soldiers since 2001. US military has left Afghanistan with trained Afghan military and a $230m of property and equipment.

General Sher Mohammad Karimi, chief of staff of the Afghan army, said the Taliban “will keep us busy for a while. We have to do more until we are fully successful and satisfied with the situation.”



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