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Image taken from my visit to Afghanistan. This was a young girl walking home on the streets of Kabul. 2012.

During the general election policies, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) revealed that it would guarantee to get rid of inheritance tax, reduce immigration by 80%, permit employers to discriminate in favour of British workers and make sure foreigners have medical insurance among many other proposals.

Immigration will be reduced to 50,000, UKIP has said Immigrants willing to live in the UK will have to have skills, ‘an Australian-style system’ said UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Steven Woolfe, Ukips migration spokesman included that immigrant’s without ID would be turned away at the border and withdrawn from Dublin.

People who wish to migrate in Australia are all required to have skills in order to be accepted. They are asked questions about their skills and are then rewarded points. One must have at least 65 points to be granted with a visa and to be accepted. Hundreds of Afghan migrants come into the UK to be accepted, most of them, are almost always deported, as the War in Afghanistan is not a good enough reason for them to be accepted in Britain.

The new proposed law by UKIP has raised concerns amongst many Afghan Asylum seekers, especially those who are still waiting to hear the decision made for them.

Afghan Doctor, Dida Pighla, who has recently come to the UK, because of the dangers she faced in Afghanistan, as a female doctor, is very concerned. When asked about her views she said, “I want to speak on behalf of all Afghans escaping the dangers there. As an Afghan immigrant I know how difficult it is to live in fear. Taliban have and always will have some sort of control over Afghanistan. I don’t believe that they will ever be defeated. . . .

“My life is in danger in Afghanistan and there is nothing I can do to protect myself and my family. We are human. All humans have the right to live. And for us to be accepted in the UK will give me and my family a new life with hope.”

She then went on to say, “waiting to hear the decision made for me, to be allowed to stay or not has caused me stress. I no longer want to go back. I have lost everything.” Parwin Wafa, a head teacher for a girls school in Afghanistan has also escaped and taken refuge in the UK because of the threats she faced by the Taliban, for having opened a girls school. Her son was kidnapped and killed by her enemies. She said: “How could I go back to a country that has eaten my happiness? A country that has given me nothing but sorrow. I will happily leave Britain if I am guaranteed a better life in Afghanistan, if the UK can prevent my death . . .

 “I didn’t choose to come here for the fun or the luxurious life; I came here to be safe and protected from my enemies. If Britain sends me back what will I do? I do not want to live in a country where being a woman is considered a crime.”

There are claims that the reason behind the immigration proposal is because of the Afghan Sikh immigrants who were found in a shipping container at Tilbury Docks in August 2014, thirteen of whom were children aged between one and twelve One man was found dead and the others were taken to hospital to be treated for severe dehydration.

Mr Aker, one of the Eastern region’s UKIP MEPs said, “Thousands and thousands of migrants try and come to Britain in the legal and proper manner. We must not send a soft-touch message to the rest of the world that those who come here illegally will be allowed to stay. “Doing so simply encourages more people to risk their lives resulting in fatalities as we have recently seen and encourages people traffickers.”

People in Thurrock and right across the country are sick and tired of illegal immigrants coming here and being allowed to stay. “I’m absolutely certain that the best way to stop further such tragedies is to send a firm but fair message: that Britain is a place only those who play by the rules are welcome to come to, in a controlled and safe way. Illegal immigrants who attempt to smuggle themselves into our country should be returned to the first safe country.”

This raises the question of how the UK will deport Afghans who suffer so much in hopes to start a new life?

Here is a table of top ten nationalities, UK asylum applicants in 2013.

Country Number of applicants
Pakistan 3,343
Iran 2,417
Sri Lanka 1,808
Syria 1,669
Eritrea 1,377
Albania 1,326
Bangladesh 1,123
Afghanistan 1,040
India 965
Nigeria 915
All others 11,001
Total 23,507

Source: Home Office, Immigration Statistics Table as.01




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