A woman’s rights MP, Shukria Barekzai, attacked, survives bomb explosion that left three martyred.

Image taken from Khaama.com
Image taken from Khaama.com

On Sunday, 16th November, a bomb explosion in the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul, took place aiming to kill a well-known female politician.

Shukria Barekzai was traveling in a convoy, which was struck by another vehicle causing a big explosion. Three people were left martyred one was a young girl. Seventeen people were left injured. Barekzai was urgently taken to hospital and only suffered minor injuries.

“Minister of interior met MP Barekzai she is fine and suffers small injuries. Reports of her family killed in this attack are not true.”

According to Al-Jazeera, Shinkay Karokhil, another female MP, told the AFP news agency: “The target was a convoy of MPs who were driving toward the parliament. Shukria Barekzai was affected by the attack but she is fine.”

BBC Image of the attack on Sunday

Rumors were spread that Barekzai’s family were also injured but a spokesperson for the Afghan ministry of interior affairs took to twitter to confirm that she was fine and none of her family members were harmed. He tweeted, “Minister of interior met MP Barekzai she is fine and suffers small injuries. Reports of her family killed in this attack are not true.”

The 42-year-old female politician has said she received many threats. Shukria Barekzai is known across Afghanistan for her work toward women’s rights and works closely with Ashraf Ghani.

During the Taliban years, Shukria Barekzai confessed to Reuters in one of her interviews in 2005 that she had run a secret school for girls during the Taliban’s rule. The Taliban forced tough restrictions on women for five years.

Reuters called Shukria Barekzai after the attacks, when she was in hospital, she told them, “I survived because of my people’s prayers.”







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