There is no green zone in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Every rout is RED. It has also taken over the country’s local media.


Every headline starts with the news of insurgent attacks happening all around the country almost every day:

“Bombers attack on a foreign guesthouse in Kabul, killing two”

“Explosion in Mazar-e-Sharif city (North) injures 4 civilians”

“Blast in Nangarhar mosque (East) wounds 34 civilian”.

There is no place to run to in Afghanistan, danger has crept into every corner. Afghan security officials who are appearing on Local televisions are speechless and are finding it difficult to hide their failure of preventing these attacks.

Afghan official who wants to be anonymous said, despite the fact that Afghan security agencies receive information about the suicide attacks days before they take place; they are unable to take action to stop it.

He said that in most cases Afghan security officials know the exact hiding place, the location and even the safe homes where suspected suicidal are living. Moreover they even know the attackers target points but they are not able to take any action against the suspects to prevent the attacks.

In the past few weeks’ dozens of civilians have been killed or injured in several suicide attacks in Kabul North, East, South and West of the country. There is no reaction from the National unity government, especially President Ashraf Ghani who was mostly outside the country on official visits since he took office two months ago.

While the London Conference on Afghanistan is taking place on 4th December, co-hosted by the governments of the UK and Afghanistan, the National unity government is trying to overcome disputes over sharing power, even though they are not in a position yet to address the security issues.

Analysts agree that the national unity government is not yet in a position to work together, as they are struggling to share government’s posts. This is against what President Ghani promised in his speech during his inauguration ceremony two months ago. He said, “A national unity government is not about sharing power, but about working together”.

The conference is expected to provide a platform for the government of Afghanistan in order to set out its vision for reform and for the international community to demonstrate enduring solidarity and support for Afghanistan, but it is announced that the Afghan delegation will attend the conference with some old acting ministers.

Experts have raised the issue that there are allegations of corruption against some of the minsters that were failing to secure the country, so how can the same ministers remain accountable to commitments of the up coming London conference?