A short piece written by an Afghan teacher – Zakia Hemat

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In the past I was a teacher. I loved my job. I taught mathematics. I remember how the students with interest learned. As a young woman, I had more energy to teach back then. I went to class with good materials and methods that I learned in University, from our highly educated teachers. We were always very happy to teach and learn.

Unfortunately, our country , Afghanistan, was involved in a war that nobody wanted, just those who worked for themselves. All our achievements were gone with the wind. The doors of schools and universities closed and people became homeless. In order to save their lives, people traveled from province to province, becoming refugees in other countries. I was one of them. With many difficulties to flee.

I believe in my people, they will stand on their own feet again and re-build our destroyed country. Nelson Mandela once said, “The future should be built on hope, not fear.”

Zakia Hemat ( A well known, brave and intelligent teacher, who once taught students in Afghanistan.)


Photojournalists in Afghanistan

Images are a very important part of our lives. It is images that keep us informed about the events happening in the world. People are almost obsessed with images in today’s society. There are social networking sites that simply cannot be functioned without the use of images, for example Facebook and Instagram.

As an observer I have come to a conclusion that people are obsessed with social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter purely because it gives them a sense of importance with all the likes they receive after publishing an image online.

Images of oneself is promoted more than images of real events. Videos and photographs play a major role in the online world, but images that should be given more importance do not receive much attention.

Below are some images I came across online which, as a journalist, I fell in love with and felt the need to share it with those who haven’t already seen them.