Farkhunda, a young woman, one of the victims of yet another unjust killing, was beaten by a mob on March 19, 2015 in the streets of Kabul.

This was by far one of the worst kinds of deaths faced since the rule of the Taliban. But this time it was not the Taliban who killed the young woman, it was the men in the streets of Kabul. They were not linked to any extremist groups. This raises concerns, is Afghanistan corrupted by their own people? Will women ever be in safe hands in Afghanistan?

Despite of improvements of security, Farkhunda was beaten and set on fire by a mob of men in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. She was accused of burning the Quran but according to Afghanistan’s interior minister, Farkhunda was innocent.

Minister, Noorulhaq Ulumi, said “The accusation against her is completely invalid. Farkhunda was a religious girl, she was not involved [in burning the Koran], she was innocent.”

Farkhunda allegedly had an argument with one of the Mullahs about his practice of selling charms at the mosque of Shah-Do Shamshira. He then accused her of burning the Quran.

Police investigations revealed that she did not burn the Quran. She was beaten by a mob, thrown over the bridge and then had her body set on fire and thrown in the river.

According to sources, the crowd were chanting anti-American and anti-democratic slogans while beating Farkhunda. Videos show that police were present during the incident, but they did not take any action to end the violence.

The father of Farkhunda complained about the lack of police efforts to save her. Ashraf Ghani, the president of Afghanistan described the killing as “heinous” and ordered a commission to investigate the killing. He said the death of Farkhunda has exposed that Afghan police need to start focusing on local policing as much as on the Taliban insurgency.

Islamic scholars in Afghanistan expressed their outrage over the incident and described it as unlawful. A local cleric, Haji Noor Ahmad said, “People come and execute a person arbitrarily, this is totally prohibited and unlawful.” However some Islamic Scholars justified the killing, which angered the public.

Protests took place in Afghanistan and around other parts of the World too such as, London, Australia, Canada and America. Afghans gathered in crowds asking for justice.

Women in Afghanistan protested, demanding the government to prosecute those who took part in the killings of Farkhunda. The funeral of Farkhunda involved more women than men. Men were not allowed to take part in Farkhundas funeral as they were the reason for her death.

Images of the protest in London, Trafalgar Square


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