London climate change march

The climate march took place in London on 29th November 2015, a day before the UN climate talks began in Paris. More than 50,000 people marched in different parts of Britain including development organisations, faith groups, climate movements, trade unions and many more.

Hundreds and thousands of people in 150 countries marched the streets calling for a change to 100% clean energy. But the march in London was the biggest climate march in British history.

Famous people also joined the march such as actress Emma Thompson. She told The Guardian: “Unless we’re carbon-free by 2030 the World is buggered.”

High-ranking officials were seen to take part in the demonstrations around the world such as UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon, who joined the protest in New York City. US secretary of state John Kerry also spoke about the dangers of climate change. He said we face a long list of issues but the greatest issue and threat of all is climate change.

COP21 climate change agreement

The Conference of the Parties, 21st session, grouped more than 190 countries in Paris where they discussed new possible agreements on climate change with all countries expected to pitch in. The French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, gave the final draft. It was the world’s first universal climate agreement, 31 pages long.

The aim of the agreement is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which will help prevent dangerous warming.

Key points of the agreement:

  • Limit of temperature rise below 2 C
  • First universal climate agreement
  • Helping poorer nations (nations to give $100 billion annually to developing countries by 2020)
  • Countries publishing greenhouse gas reduction targets
  • Goal to have a carbon-neutral world