The Economy in Afghanistan

Since 2002, Afghanistan has seen a significant change in its economy. This is due to the billions of dollars provided by international assistance and also investments, with help from Afghan expatriates. This significant increase came to light after the defeat of terrorist groups such as the Taliban.

The dramatic improvements in agriculture production and the end of the four-year drought also helped in the improvement of Afghanistan’s economy.

According to the government, Afghanistan contains up to $3 trillion in proven untapped mineral deposits. This means that Afghanistan is one of the richest mining regions on earth. But due to the conflicts in the country, Afghanistan is categorised as one of the least developed countries in the world and the poorest country in Eurasia, ranking 175th on the United Nations’ Human Development Index.

Afghanistan is a country that has much to improve. An estimated 35% of the population are unemployed, 36% are living below the national poverty and suffering from housing shortage, electricity and drinking water supplies.

According to the World Bank reports, despite the withdrawal of the international security forces since 2014 and the continuous uncertainties in the political field of Afghanistan which has resulted in the decrease in the economic growth, and security threats mounting, Afghanistan has successfully managed to maintain stability and has seen slow recovery of the economy.

In the April 2016 issue of the bi-annual, Afghanistan Development Update, The World Bank has reported that economic growth has reached an estimated 1.5 percent in 2015. This is a marginal increase from the figure of 1.3 Percent which was recorded in 2014.

The reports show that growth was mainly increased due to the growth in the industry and services sectors, offsetting the contraction in the agriculture sector. The number of new registered businesses has also increased over the year.

The video, An Unfinished Journey : Agriculture in Afghanistan was narrated by me for Afghanistan’s Agriculture minister.

It is a beautiful video based on the Agriculture in Afghanistan. It provides in-depth information on the increase in the economy and what is exported and how from the provinces in Afghanistan.

Please watch for further information and let me know what you think.